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Climate Take Back

Climate Take Back is Interface’s global sustainability-oriented mission to overcome the biggest challenge facing humanity and reverse global warming—our goal is to create a climate fit for life. When referring to the Climate Take Back initiative, we use the Climate Take Back logo. This page provides information on how to use the logo with consistency and consideration. 

You may see instances where the Climate Take Back logo is locked up with the Mission Zero logo. Be sure to check the relevance of it’s continued use as the Mission Zero initiative is now complete.


Minimum size

Clear zone


Maintaining visual integrity

The Climate Take Back logo must be positioned free from any visual interference. To ensure this, a clear zone equal to the size of the Climate Take Back symbol must always be maintained on all four sides. These size and orientation guidelines help maintain the clarity and visual integrity of the logo.

Scale and alignment

Locking up with the Interface logotype

Consider the relationship of the Climate Take Back logo when applied alongside the Interface logo. The Interface logo should reach the baseline of ‘climate’ when the logos share a baseline. Ensure both logos align to the underlying grid. For more information on Grids and Layout head to that page of the Master Visual Approach section.

Color variants

The Climate Take Back logo is used in black, white, or any of the brand colors from our secondary palette.

Description variant

Locking up the Climate Take Back description

When using any of the Climate Take Back descriptor variants ensure that the descriptor is aligned to the right of the vertical bar in the ‘+’ symbol. The descriptor must sit below the Climate Take Back logo with padding equal to the height of the ’T’ in the logo.

Correct usage

Incorrect usage

In-text examples


When referring to Climate Take Back in-text the initials must be capitalised.

The Trademark (TM) symbol is required in the first instance within a deliverable.