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Brand messaging

Our tone of voice helps us communicate who we are as a business with our confident and positive attitude. This page provides examples of top-line messaging to help communicate the Interface brand as a whole.

Long-form copy

Example 01

We’re not content with creating the best product in the world.

We challenge ourselves to be better, think differently and develop ways we can have a positive impact on people’s lives, work, home and environment.

Finding ways to improve people’s lives is the thread that runs through our business. +Positive spaces- reinforcing our belief that great design can be life changing, and move people. And we develop products with that in mind. That’s a whole lot to be positive about.

Example 02

We’ve always had a positive attitude. Because creating the best product in the world isn’t easy.

If it doesn’t make a positive impact on people, the planet and our business, it doesn’t get made. Which means there’s always work to be done, and undone. Rules to be made and broken. 1000 fails for every single success. But when we succeed we help change the lives of everyone using our products, as well as many who don’t. A great tile design is more than just a beautiful pattern — it’s a reflection of the hours and effort that went into creating it.

No negative vibes.
Just 100% positive fibers.

Example 03

The ‘humble’ carpet tile. Represents so much more to us.

It shows what can be done if you put your mind to it. It shows that you can give back more than you take — stop using fossil fuels and start making the best products in the world, even better.

It shows that if you put people at the heart of what you do, they’ll love what you do and help you to do even more. It shows that great design can have a positive impact, and be truly life-changing, wherever these lives are in the world. All this from just the ‘humble’ carpet tile. Imagine if every business felt as passionate about their products as we do, and challenged themselves to think, what if?

Short-form copy

Example 01

Great design has to be more than a trend.

If a product doesn’t make a positive impact on people, places and the planet, it doesn’t get made.

Example 02

We have a simple idea.

If you put people at the heart of what you do, they’ll love what you do.

So that’s what we do. We put people first — and design products that are second to none.

Example 03

We value lasting quality.

Because when you buy cheap, there’s always a price to pay.

Example 04

The only negative to our Proof Positive carpet tile? Its carbon footprint.

Learn more about our commitment to Climate Take Back.

Example 05

We’re the flooring company that stopped the world from being trampled on.

Example 06

We challenge ourselves to be better, think differently and develop ways we can have a positive impact on people’s lives, work, home and the environment.

Brand Value-focused copy

Example 01

We cut the crap.

We collaborate with other companies to ensure none of our carpets go to landfill.

Example 02

Carbon negative materials for a healthier planet.

Let’s work together to make manufacturing carbon-negative.

Example 03

Love Carbon.
And build better products.

Our first carbon negative carpet tile – inspired by nature and manufactured to respect it.

Example 04

We believe the biggest threat to the world isn’t climate change, it’s attitude.

We’ve got the tools. We’ve got the ingenuity. So what are we waiting for?

Climate Take Back

Example 05

If you believe in the highest standards.

Work for the company that sets them.

Example 06

No one knew what a carbon-negative carpet tile looked like.

Until we invented it.

Hierarchy breakdown

  1. Headline copy should provoke and disrupt, embodying our brand values and pioneering spirit.
  2. Imagery needs to have a strong connection to the headline and overall messaging. If the messaging has a difficult subject matter, don’t be afraid to highlight it — be courageous.
  3. Body copy is there to further the message and give context. But remember, keep it succinct for maximum impact.
  4. Call-to-actions where possible should connect with the overall messaging.
  5. Contact details such as URLs and phone numbers could be picked out in a highlight color, referenced in the main image.