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Finding our own voice

As a company, Interface challenges itself to be better, think differently and to develop the best products and practices that will have a positive impact on people’s lives.

Finding ways to improve people’s lives is the thread that runs through the business. +Positive spaces, Climate Take Back, and innovative products all reinforce the belief that, at Interface, anything is possible.

We can use this positive attitude to help develop our voice across all aspects of the business. We can use it to champion inclusivity – across all demographics. And we can use it to educate consumers as to why our values make our products and services better for them and for the environment.

What we say

Design, Performance, Innovation, Sustainability and our People are ever present. They work as filters to ensure what we are saying is relevant. Expressed through our brand values and a more human tone, we can start to develop some principles for a consistent Tone of Voice.

How we say it

Honest, friendly and engaging. We’re smart but never smug. We simplify with intelligence. We’re witty but never crude. We’re positive; we can, we will, we do. We’re confident but never arrogant. We have an opinion, it matters what we stand for. We’re genuine and generous. We love the planet, our products and the people that make us who we are.

Things to consider

Structuring copy

When writing copy, consider how it’s structured in terms of headline, body copy and pay-off. Headlines should be punchy in length, using body copy to give further context.

Working to this structure will help keep copy length effective, while maintaining strength of message.

Turning the values up and down

All future messaging should embody the values of the Interface brand. These values represent what the business and its people stand for.

Within these values, there are a wealth of behaviors that can also influence the tone of writing.

In certain circumstances, we may want to influence, share or guide. In other situations, we may want to turn the volume up – to be bold, provocative or disruptive.

Short-form vs long-form copy

Consider what form of copy is most suitable for the content and audience. We would always suggest keeping copy length tight to maintain impact.

However, if short-form copy isn’t quite appropriate for the subject, consider using longer form copy if the content requires.

Follow the formula

When in doubt, follow the formula. Our messaging should follow this simple hierarchy. Firstly, introduce the top-line message (Proclamation). Then give context and support (Explanation). And always ensure the audience has somewhere to go for more information or to make a purchase with a call-to-action (Invitation).

1. Proclamation

“LVT gives you some headspace.”

2. Explanation

“We made our LVT flooring with superior Sound Choice backing, to help reduce noises in your workspace and create some well needed headspace.

That’s a whole lot to be positive about.”

3. Invitation

“To find out more connect with your local area account representative.”

Example 01

Less carbon in the atmosphere. More beauty on your floor.

The Embodied Beauty collection is designed to help restore the health of the planet and lower the carbon footprint of your space with style. The collection features a range of beautiful carpet tile designs, including our first-ever carbon negative products in three unique styles: Shishu Stitch, Tokyo Texture, and Zen Stitch.

The collection is inspired by the Japanese aesthetics of minimalism, restoration, and the organic beauty of the natural world. From narrow monochromatic patterns to large scale graphic tufted textures, these styles all combine and contrast tastefully.

To order your sample, head to

Example 02

Less materials.
More performance.

Over the last couple of years we’ve been busy refining our carpet tile backing.

Investing, researching, developing and perfecting a superior, improved bitumen precept layer. At absolutely no cost to the product quality or the environment.

Less materials. Less energy. Less CO2.

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Example 03

Carpet Tile and LVT.
Every mix is a match.

Some things work better in pairs. Inspired by composite ground materials, Look Both Ways™ combines hard and soft flooring with intentional design in one cohesive collection. Playful patterns and urban textures blend seamlessly in a series of striking combinations. Concrete and confetti. Plush and flat. Carpet and LVT.

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Example 04

Love carbon and choose Carbon Negative Floors.

At Interface we know that Carbon doesn’t have to be the enemy. Taking our cue from nature, we use it as a building block to engineer better products that go beyond neutral to actually store carbon. Keeping it out of the atmosphere and helping restore the health of the planet.

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