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Welcome to the Interface Brand Standards

Handle with care.

Built over the past four decades, the Interface brand holds significant equity and recognition around the world. We are extremely proud of and continue to invest in building the brand. It’s why we have created this global brand standards guide.

What exactly is a brand standards guide? Think of it as an instruction manual for how to handle our brand with care. The guide provides the same set of rules for everyone—employees, partners, designers, and agencies—involved with the brand, ensuring consistency in its use around the world.

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How to use these Brand Standards

The Interface Brand Standards has been split into two main sections; guidelines and resources. Each of these sections should help ensure the Interface brand is used consistently and creatively across all touchpoints.

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Our identity is greater than the sum of its parts. Explore our gallery to see the Interface brand showcased at its finest. These are the standards intended to make every Interface deliverable shine

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