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Carbon Negative

We refer to products that are designed to store carbon and keep more carbon out of the atmosphere than they emit in production, as ‘Carbon Negative’. When referring to or endorsing products as Carbon Negative, we use the Carbon Negative Endorsement tag. This page provides information on how to use the tag with consistency and consideration.



Minimum size

Clear zone


Maintaining visual integrity

The Carbon Negative tag must be positioned free from any visual interference. To ensure this, a clear zone equal to the height of the CO symbol must always be maintained on all four sides. These size and orientation guidelines help maintain the clarity and visual integrity of the tag.

Product caption alignment

Color variants

The Carbon Negative tag is used in black or white. Outlined versions are also available.

Correct usage

Incorrect usage

In-text variants

When identifying Carbon Negative products within copy we use the in-text variants. Our approach to this is defined by the level of control we have over typesetting and where the endorsement appears.

In-text headline variant

When endorsing Carbon Negative products in-text in professional documents and deliverables we should use the style set below for headlines.

Caption variant

The caption variant of the Carbon Negative endorsement shown below should be used in body copy and in instances where we have limited control over how type is set, such as social media.