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Multi-product lock-up

As we continue to bring the nora and Interface product portfolios together, in rare circumstances, there is a unique need to represent both the Interface and nora brands alongside our leading categories. This treatment type is used to help draw attention to the nora rubber business specifically, when we need to emphasize key commercial products Interface sells alongside one another. For more information on using the Interface brand, head to the Master Visual approach section.

The Interface and nora by Interface logos are the preferred choice of logos, covering most usage situations. If you need further guidance, contact your regional creative teams.

Multi-product Lock-up

This logo is only valid for the next 18-24 months, whilst customers learn more about the Interface portfolio. At which point, we will transition solely to the Interface Logo and nora by Interface Lock-up.


The Multi-product Lock-up always includes the registered trademark symbols except in signage.

Minimum size

Clear zone


Maintaining visual integrity

The Multi-product Lock-up must be positioned free from any visual interference. To ensure this, a clear zone equal to the width of the lower case ‘e’ must always be maintained on all four sides. These size and orientation guidelines help maintain the clarity and visual integrity of the logo.

Color variants

Our Multi-product Lock-up should only be used in black, grey or white.

Usage on photography

Correct usage

In the unique circumstances where the Multi-product Lock-up is applicable for use, there are two versions available. One left aligned the other centrally aligned.

The Multi-product Lock-up features the Interface logo accompanied by our three core product categories. While we have many product categories, we are only representing our core/top performing categories in order to not overwhelm the logotype and make it so text heavy.

Incorrect usage



nora Brand Kit

For further guidance on nora by Interface trademarks, please download and view the nora Brand Kit.


Please note, due to translations and the length of copy included in these lock-ups, like our other logotypes, it must be only shown in English. Translations of any kind are not permitted.

Additional Support

Additionally, in order to access and use these lock-ups you must work with your regional creative teams. They will approve all usage rights for this logo-treatment and identify whether this is the correct example to use, or if you can actually accomplish your creative need with the Interface or nora by Interface logotypes.