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Trademark and brand extension guidelines

The Interface brand extends to a family of individual products, product enhancements, and program names. Though many are registered, not all brand extensions are considered type treatments or should be used as such.

When the mark is marked “REG”, you may use the ® mark when referring to that mark in marketing materials directed at that specific country (or a group of countries where the mark is also marked “REG” in all of those countries). Do note that, if you are directing marketing at an entire region, e.g., all of AMS, if the mark is only registered in one or some of the jurisdictions where your marketing is directed, please use only a mark, unless you’ve run by you regional marketing leader and legal and they’ve confirmed that the ® marking is appropriate. There are just a few marks that we have very widely registered where using an ® generally would be appropriate (e.g. Mission Zero®).

Trademark Symbols

Use the list as a reference for appropriate trademark symbol (®) usage on the products, enhancements, and programs that require them. These are always included when using the treatment. Please contact your regional marketing leader for a current and complete index of registered and trademark usage within your region as this document is updated on a quarterly basis.

Note: Not all registered marks receive registered status, some are simply vs. ® such as Carbon Neutral Floors, Climate Take Back, +Positive spaces. Please engage with your regional marketing leader for any questions regarding a name you think might require a Trademark symbol but is not included in this list.

For ease, below is a quick list of global trademarks for reference:

Global products in text*

Global Change®
Equal Measure®
Human Connections®
Human Nature®
Level Set®
Urban Retreat®
Visual Code®
Drawn Lines®
Look Both Ways®
Embodied Beauty®

Product Enhancements in text

Cool Blue

Programs in text

Climate Take Back
Mission Zero®
+Positive spaces
Carbon Neutral Floors

*In the Americas: All product collections, product names and product style names should be marked with a TM symbol.

In Text

When using any of these product enhancements or program names as a headline or text within a sentence, use Akzidenz-Grotesk Light. The appropriate trademark symbol must be used in the first appearance of the name in a piece. Make sure the registration mark does not dominate or become too important. 

The full list of global trademarks can be downloaded here.