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Product literature

The care and consideration that goes into the design of our flooring products is reflected in how those products are communicated. In support of each flooring collection we produce a selection of literature to explain and inspire, helping our customers understand our products and to get the most from them.

These high-quality touchpoints are designed to last and fit into our customers lives on a near-daily basis.

Literature overview

Each product collection is supported by three main pieces of literature; a Sample Book, View Book and Inspiration Book. These work together to describe the qualities and variety of each product, the story behind the design and showcase the product in it’s best light.

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Sample books

Sample books are large reinforced folders with real sample flooring swatches. Most commonly used by architects and designers as long term reference, these fit comfortably on most shelves. Important information is collected on the spine to ensure ease of use.

View Books

View Books are housed within the larger Sample Book folders and provide more detail on the product collection. They describe the design and sustainability credentials of the flooring as well as providing swatch codes and detailed information on variety, size and installation methods.

Inspiration books

Inspiration Books give deeper context to a product collection. They describe the core design concepts, the manufacturing process and product benefits as well as providing inspiration through lifestyle and room set photography.