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The Bug

A graphic element seen across Interface assets is the icon we’ve dubbed “The Bug.” This icon is a nod toward our geometric, modular flooring products, and is inspired by the dimensions of our hallmark square tiles and planks. It acts as a brand icon, supporting product-focused messaging, and creates a recognizable visual element that can be used in functional and creative ways.

Always adhere to the following guidelines to ensure effective application of the Bug, across all our communications.

The Bug

Minimum size

Clear zone


Maintaining visual integrity

The Bug must be positioned free from any visual interference. To ensure this, a clear zone equal to 1/3 the total height of the Bug must always be maintained on all four sides. These size and orientation guidelines help maintain the clarity and visual integrity of the icon.

Color variants

The Bug icon is used in black, white, grey or any of the brand colors from our secondary palette.

Correct usage

Incorrect usage

Brand Pattern

Two patterns have been created, each for a different purpose. Both patterns are a visual representation of the modular flexibility within the Interface squares + planks system. We use them in limited situations as special treatments; they are not intended for heavy use.

Modular Pattern

The modular pattern is built from the "The Bug" icon which features tile shapes and sizes offered within the Global Interface system.

Modular Pattern 1


Application examples for the modular pattern include, frosted glass windows, shelf & trellis systems, gray on white graphic wallpaper for large entryway walls and wall coverings. The moduar pattern is not intended for covers of brochures, signage or standard design materials. If you have questions on where this may be applicable other than what is demonstrated here, please contact the Creative Team.

Mash-up Pattern

Built from the installation icon set, this pattern demonstrates the endless possibilities that can be designed using the Interface squares + planks systems.

Mash-up Pattern 1


The Mash-Up pattern should only use the Interface colour palette. The contrast between lines and solid shapes or background and shapes should be subtle; a 10% to 20% screen difference is ideal to achieve desired contrast. Application examples include the back of business cards, global campaign materials, inside liner of folders or bags and event space accent wallpaper.

Correct Usage

Incorrect Usage