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Grids and layout

The Interface design language is inspired by the geometry of our products, building on a system of grids. Influenced by Swiss design, the relationship between typography and grids is fundamental in informing the layout of our creative approach.

The Bug


Our approach to layout is inspired by the Bug and our modular product tiles.

Image and text are structured around a 24x24 grid square. Content is placed in modular layouts inspired by the Bug.

Building the grid

The Bug grid and image matrix is a handy tool to help create interesting and dynamic layouts. In this section you will find guidance on how to create your own Bug inspired grids.

Bug matrix

The Bug Matrix is the core layout tool for creating bug inspired compositions.


Begin by creating a square 24x24 grid. Content panels, informed by the square and rectangular shapes present in the Bug, can be laid out within this grid to create image and text containers.

Print ads

Print ads are the most common place we use the Bug matrix. These steps will guide you through creating a print grid.

Alternative grids

Creative inspired by The Bug will often extend to other mediums such as animated film and social media.

In some cases this may require an alternative grid layout. In these cases we always keep the longest edge of the composition 24 units and break down the short edge into the unit that gives us the closest representation of a 1:1 square grid.

Grid visibility

The grid and Bug matrix are useful tools for handling all types of content. However we can dial up and down how visible the grid elements are within a given creative.

Grid in action

The grid can be used to varying degrees across creative deliverables. It inspires a style informed by the modular approach of the Interface product. Here are some examples from our showcase gallery of the Bug matrix and grid at its best.