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nora by Interface overview

Our logo is the visual embodiment of our brand Interface®, or our endorsed brand nora® by Interface®. The correct presentation of our name is critical in building and maintaining its value. It is a reflection of the trust our combined customers have in us to be consistent, reliable and innovative.

When referring to nora as a company or to nora products as the lead brand reference, we use the Endorsement Lock-up. For more information on using the Interface brand, head to the Master Visual approach section.

Usage guidance

Across Interface and nora there are three logos that can be used, within specific circumstances. The Interface Logo and nora Endorsement Lock-up are the preferred logos, being the most predominantly used and most visible. In unique circumstances there is a third logo – the ‘Multi-product Lock-up’. This option can be used following a set of specific approvals and guidelines, depending on the unique need. Please follow these guidelines to ensure you are using the appropriate logo at any given time.

The Interface Logo and nora Endorsement Lock-up are the preferred choice of logos, covering most usage situations. If you need further guidance, contact your regional creative teams.

Multi-product Lock-up – exceptional circumstances

As we continue to bring the nora and Interface product portfolios together, in rare circumstances, there is a unique need to represent both the Interface and nora brands alongside our leading categories.

These lock-ups are only valid for the next 18-24 months, whilst customers learn more about the Interface portfolio. At which point, we will transition solely to the Interface and nora by Interface logotypes.


Multi-product Lock-up

This treatment type is used to help draw attention to the nora rubber business specifically, when we need to emphasize key commercial products Interface sells alongside one another.